Top 10 Colors and Semi Precious Stones of the Season

Gemstones makes a sense of style. What color of Semi Precious Stones and Precious Stones people going to wear this year? May be this question is spinning in your head. Well, there is no limit of colors and choices, all you need to find out best one out of them.

Pantone announced the top 10 colors of this spring and summer, here is the list of those colors- Grayed Jade, Dusk Blue and Linen as well as the bright shades of African Violet, Nectarine, Emerald, Poppy Red, Tender Shoots and Lemon Zest.
Gemstones of all these cool color are here we have.

1. Dusk Blue - It includes Aquamarine, Blue topaz and Blue Chalcedony. All these light blue colored Semi Precious Stones looks elegant.

2. Tender shoots - This is yellowish-green color. Looks like fresh green leaf color. It includes Peridot, Green Turquoise and Green Chalcedony comes.

3. Lemon  Zest - It is creamy bright yellowish color like a fresh Lemon. Citrine, Yellow Quartz etc. Semi Precious Stones includes in this.

4. Linen - White and Milky color.  Pearl, White Turquoise and Rutilated Quartz come in this color category.

5. Poppy Red - It is bright red color. Garnet, Ruby, Red Coral come in this category.

6. Emerald- "Color of the Year - 2013”. Emerald, Green onyx and more Green Semi Precious Stones come in this category.

Apart from above colors Grayed Jade and African violet are also in top 10.

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