Why Buying Gemstones at Wholesale is a good investment?

In such an Economy of uncertainty, Buying Gemstones at Wholesale can help.

Even though Gemstone prices have an uncertainty attached to it, there is still some sort of a "upward trend" and thus Wholesale Gemstones can definitely help in the road to recovering good returns on investment back.

In such an Economy where Interest rates in the Safe Haven Stable economies are falling due to negative growth of these Developed countries, where as Developing economies are getting all the investments but definitely with high fluctuations. Whats the next Safe haven investments? Is it gold which fell more than 25% in a week? Is that what you call a safe investment? Not really. Gemstones are what can give your Investment portfolio the steady growth that is required for any Investor. Here is why.

Why should you invest in Wholesale Gemstones?

Number one reason is because there is a huge shortage of Gemstones in this industry. Gemstones afterall are a natural resource and like any other Resource will one day deplete, and eventually finish because Mother earth is a limited resource. If you studied Economics in high school, then surely if something is limited and getting more rare, which means the Supply is going down. Whats the next thing is happening? Prices increase. (See what the President of the Australian Opal society has to say about this increase in Prices of Opal and Gemstones at http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/gemstone-prices-increase-worldwide-231997.php)

Number two reason is because Gemstones have already been a big part of the Investors portfolio which means people are Investing in High quality gemstones even more. There has been a shortage of extremely high quality Sapphires, Rubies, Tanzanite, Diamonds, Tourmaline, Garnets. Why? A natural phenomena it is indeed. Another reason is that the Chinese like I mentioned about in my previous article (http://navneetgems.blogspot.com/2013/05/semi-precious-stones-vs-precious-stones.html), these Chinese rich Investors buy hundreads of Gems at once in the Gem and Jewellery Fairs around and they ask for rock bottom prices. The luxury market is bad, and everyone needs cash, and only the Chinese have it. So what happens then? The Booth holders sell their Gems to them Chinese and get instant cash which the world doesnt seem to have.

Number three reason is because Gemstones are the most beautiful thing on earth. Colored Gemstones are very beautiful and this is what makes this a great investment, as prices of any item can multiply if there is some likeness attached to it. Why do companies sell on Facebook? Because once people start clicking likes, it creates a positiveness and then the buyers raise the prices they can pay for it.

For any more informationa about how you can go about this investment, we are the best people to contact as we focus on Long term business relationship. Start your investments as low as 99$ TODAY! You may also visit www.NavneetGems.com for any other Semi precious stones, or Precious stones.

Wholesale Gemstones

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