Why do people do not buy as much Jewellery in the summer?

There is not ONE reason why there isn't that high a consumption of Jewellery in the Summer . . .

1) Its HOT! Since the weather in Asia, Middle East, Australia and some other countries that are blessed with sunlight, the Jewellery Lovers dont want to wear Jewellery when the sun is shining at 40 degree celcious. Its just gets too hot.

2) Less celebrations in Summer. Whats there to celebrate in Summer? Pretty much nothing, except the high dose of Vitamin D you will be getting, right? Its just hot. The only parties that are famous in the Summers are Swimming pool parties, which obviously does NOT require people to wear Jewellery, unless there is some sort of a nice for "Swimming Jewellery" - that would be distracting.

3) Less Birthdays in Summer. When do people get married? Is there a trend? Yes, there is mostly in Winters, around November, Decemeber, January. Reason being that its just romantic to get married in Winter, to not sweat, to not stink, to feel cold instead of hot. If most people get married in the Winter and go to a Honeymoon right after the get married (Most cases) then yes, they would have babies then. If the babies are born then, this all comes in relation with Buying Jewellery and Gemstones in the end. They get married, they need an "Engagement Ring" which usually People spend alot of money on, so again they will buy a few weeks before the engagement, so again in Winter. Most engagement rings come in the following colors: Emerald, Ruby, Tanzanite. Along with these Colored Gems, everyone almost would need Loose Diamonds at Wholesale Prices with these Stones to make it expensive. (LOL) If they have babies, some would buy "Children Jewellery" which are usually soft in colours.

Some like Engagement Rings with Diamonds
Baby Children's Jewellery

Yes- Most like Gemstone Engagement Rings

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