Why You Should Go For Black Diamonds

It is almost impossible to find a woman who doesn't have a fantasy for diamonds. It's a proven fact that a diamond is a girl's best friend and it has a significant position in traditional, economical and social systems. Finding a piece of fine jewelry without a touch of diamonds is rare as the stone is considered the most essential part of jewelry. 

From royal roads to red carpets and runways, everywhere diamond jewelry has been shining brightly. And while we are catching up the latest trends for this year's spring, fall and winter, we found that its fancy colored diamonds especially black diamond’s that will shine brilliantly throughout the year. 

There is no reason you can't wear black jewelry. It is a standalone trend that is hitting high on the fashion charts of the year. And this won't slow down, even amidst the white ice. Are you curious to know how? Here are the clues:

The black and white style of 60's is the most admirable trend this year. Many A-list celebrities have spotted in monochrome attires adorned with black and white diamond jewelry. The tinsel town beauties were wearing striking combinations of monochromatic jewelry. From multiple diamond bracelets and bangles to cocktail rings and statement earrings, a lot of black and white glamor was there at various events including the Academy Awards. 

The trends are not limited to limelight, but it is everywhere around the streets now. You can choose a statement ring or bracelet boasting the brilliant rocks or pick a pair of dangle or drop earrings exhibiting the monochromatic glamour. Anyways, the radiance of monochrome diamonds will lighten up your style. Black diamond’s for sale are easily available on online stores.

The fascination for antique jewelry shows no sign of slowing down. In the past couple of years, antique style jewelry has received a warm welcome by fashion lovers. The latent designs of bygone eras are back in vogue. With intricate metal work, filigree, geometric themes, cut work and lace patterns, the elaborated designs showcase the fine arts of the old world. Alike the designs, the antique cut diamonds are also in huge demand. 

It is difficult to find the original old mine diamonds and they even cost a fortune, designers are fostering the fashion needs with diamonds cut in vintage styles. They are also providing the high and antique style designer jewelry studded with brilliant white and black diamonds in the same old manner.

As per the Chinese calendar, 2013 is the year of snakes. So how can we neglect them in jewelry. Though we can't speak snake language like a Slytherin, we can adorn the dark diamond snake rings, earrings, pendants, necklace and bracelets.

Brangelina has already released their limited range of snake jewelry for men that include a set of dark diamond serpent cufflinks, Bulgari has their Serpenti collection in stores and our loving divas have exhibited the snake accessories at multiple events. So, there are enough reasons to get a bracelet accentuated with brilliant black diamonds.

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