An Overview on Wholesale Drusy Quartz Gemstones

Online Drusy Quartz is available for sale at Navneet Gems and Minerals. We are the one of the leading manufacturer of Loose Drusy Quartz stones in the world.

The tiny crystals found within or on the surface of the other mineral are called Drusy. Till date, the most commonly found Drusy is Quartz (agate and chalcedony). The natural texture of the gemstone looks like the fine sugar crystals that have been formed on Quartz by the phenomena of micro-crystalline facts millions of years ago. It has been rated 7 on Moh’s hardness scale. Druzy, druse or drusies are being spelled differently but there meaning is same i.e. Drusy.

Quality of Drusy Quartz
The quality of these gemstones are not determined just by cut, color, weight or clarity but by the size of the eveness of crystal coverage. The matrix of eveness crystal cover is a important value point. According to our Head Supervisor of Rough Analyst Team, it is very rare to found good Drusies especially in Non-Quartz gemstones.

Drusy Quartz Gemstones

Types of Drusies
Drusy are the tiny articles made up of clear Quartz crystals, commonly found in blue or grey agate. It can also be found in different shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. Few examples are Uvarovite Garnet, Rainbow Hematite, Azurite, Dioptase, Turquoise, Dermatoid Garnet and many more.

Abundance availability
It is the most abundant mineral found on Earth consisting 12% of the total Earth’s crust. Mostly found in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. It is mined along with the mining of Semi- Precious stones like Garnet and Peridots.

Enhance your Jewelry by Drusy Quartz
Being an inexpensive material, if cuts and polishes beautifully it adds spark and grace to the jewelry. Big gemstones are generally use to make pendants, broaches, earrings while small ones are use to make rings, belt-buckles, hair-clips etc.

Few Buying Considerations
Online buying should be done with extra precautions as the technology advances it is very easy to imitate various Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones. The imitated one looks same as the original one and for the common men it is very difficult to differentiate between the two. One should always go for the authorized and trustworthy dealer and one should always take bill of the purchase. For buying genuine Wholesale drusy quartz contact us at with your order specifications. We are one of the biggest authorized suppliers of Drusy.

Cleaning Instructions
Great care should be taken while cleaning this crystal quartz. It can be clean by soft wet cloth or by soft tooth brush. It should be prevent from heat and should be put in jewelry box to avoid any kind of scratch or damage.

Different sizes and shapes
The size ranges from tiny particles to very large stones. We are expertise in manufacturing Flat Drusy AA, Flat Drusy AAA, Window Drusy AA, and Window Drusy AAA. We are the wholesale suppliers of Drusy Quartz. We have the capacity of manufacturing 10,000 Drusies per day. Our process for Flat and Window Drusy for high quality is very strict and latest.

Association with Birthstone and Zodiac Sign
Drusy Quartz wholesale is not associated with any particular month birthstone and zodiac sign.

Routine Treatments
A set of routine enhancements treatment is being provided to drusies. Our factory at Thailand uses the latest technique of Vaporization, to color coat the drusies into Blue Sapphire, Peach, Gold, Silver and many more.

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