An Overview on Wholesale Mystic Quartz Gemstones

One of the most abundant mineral found on Earth’s crust is Quartz. In addition, it stands out ahead in the Gemstone industry because of its hardness, spectacular looks as well as for being inexpensive. The word Quartz has been named after Slavic word which means hard.
Mystic Quartz is not a naturally occurring stone. A highly advanced (high-tech) enhancement treatment is given to colorless Quartz to exhibit the rainbow color effect. The rainbow effect makes this stone more beautiful, exclusive,  and contemporary from other stones. The color , hardness  and clarity of the gemstone  depends upon the cut, clarity and polish of the original Quartz. That why, our specialist Rough Analyzing Team selects the best rough stock from throughout the world. There are numerous excellent gemstones that appear on various jewels but not all of them are so special like Mystic Quartz. Important properties of this highly sparking gemstone are:

wholelsale Mystic quartz

Mystic Quartz

Rainbow Color: Various shades of rainbow are displayed in Kaleidoscopic manner. All seven colors of the rainbow can be easily seen in a single stone.

    Enhancement Treatments: To convert colorless quartz into Wholesale Mystic Quartz a enhancement treatment is given to raw colorless quartz, a process called film deposition is given. In this process, the cut and polished quartz has been coated with thin titanium filled film at molecular level with very less heat involved in the process. Though this coating is permanent, but in case of broken the natural color will show.

    Best Appearance:  The beauty of this gemstone is at his par in daylight or under the halogen light.

      Origin: As said above Quartz mineral is abundant. Its mostly found in the countries such as Brazil, China, Mexico, U.S.A, Africa, Russia, Japan and many more. We import rough from China basically because the quality of quartz is superior than other countries.

      Chemical Composition: 

Chemical Composition
SiO2, silicon dioxide
Crystal System
Color of Line
Absorption Range
7 (based on Moh’s Scale)
Refractive Index
1.544 - 1.553
Specific Gravity
Rock crystal

      Purity: The raw material of Mystic Quartz should be transparent this only will result in high class finish product.

      Trendy: The colorfulness of this Gemstone attracts the attention of the customers. Many of our buyers in U.S.A are very much fond of Mystic Quartz. It adds graces to a special evening black dress even. Taking last 18yrs, as long as we are there in this industry the trend of using this gemstone in jewelry is quite new.

    Astrology : It is considered to be prevalent gemstone. Helps in defensing physic defense moreover blocks the ill effects of black magic and avoids black energies. Prevents from diseases like blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Mystic Quartz and Mystic Topaz are similar at first sight because both are colorless and azotic treatments are given to give them mystic colors. Often, confusion arises between the identification of these two. Though, Quartz and Topaz contains  similar optical properties but if the two stones of the same size taken the quartz will weigh less around 30% then Mystic Topaz. Thus, results into great savings.

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