Do Astrological Rings with Gemstones helps the wearer's life any why?

Often question has been raised in the society regarding fruitfulness of wearing of the gemstones and effects of it on the wearer’s life. Even most of the people believe that Astrological Gemstones Rings are only the means of earning livelihood for Astrologers and jewellers. If everything will be possible by just wearing a stone then what will be the use of action, our efforts. But, I do not agree to all this thinking.

In fact, both fate and actions are the two sides of the same coin. Gemology never said do not perform any action, just wait your fortune will do everything for you. Both of them are just incomplete without each other. Take a example of a labour who works for 10-12 hours a day putting lot of action in his job but at the end of the day what he able to arranged just a bread for his family, that too with great difficulty. If an action alone can do it for him, then he would be the billionaire. Actions alone cannot do anything, a stable balance of action and fortune is required to lead a prosperous life.

The color of every gemstone represents a planet of a matching color. Like, Yellow Sapphire represents Jupiter while the white color Diamond represents the Venus planet. According to astrology, it is believed that every gemstone has a power to extract the energy of respective planet and thus it affects the wearer’s fortune. Often, astrologers advised people to wear the gemstone of the planet which is weak in their birth charts. This helps a person to have good fortune in his field in spite of doing regular efforts and not gaining the success. Moreover, each planet is associated with many fields of activity such as curing health problems and diseases.

Giving all the readers an example of my friend Sandeep, 32 years old. 3 years back, he was facing huge problems in his export business. I myself, suggest him to consult my own astrologer. My astrologer suggests him to wear Blue Sapphire (a stone known for the upliftment in business) and you all surprised to know that he is now become one of the major exporters of India.

Here two more important question arises – who should wear the stone and under what circumstances?? And, who should not wear the Gemstones??

Answer to the first question is a person should always wear the stone after only it is prescribed by the astrologer. He will be right person to advice regarding what to wear, when to wear and how to wear. The answer to the second question is one should stop wearing gemstones when your astrologer forbids you from wearing the stone, one should always follow the advice of the astrologer and secondly, when a person does not in gemstones and their effects then he should not wear them because excess negative thinking of mind does not provide any positive effects to the body.

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