Rose Cut gems have flower cutting in them- but why are they famous these days?

History repeats itself!!! Yes, the love and the charm for Rose-cut gems have come back in the trend. Rose-Cut Diamonds were always unique and beautiful as they gave softer and natural look to the jewelry specially rings, pendants, earrings etc. 

Rose Cut- A Vintage Trendsetter
This cut is not new to the World. French’s discovered it in early 1500’s. With many variations Rose cut has been used by cutters till early 1900’s. The main reason for the depletion was, in earlier times Diamonds were cut to maximize their carat weight not to bring out their brilliance and fire. Hence, with the developments of modern cuts like brilliant, briolette, princess and many more the popularity becomes weak. Main reasons of Rose-Cut coming back in trend are:
1) Number of person procuring Rose Cut gems is growing day by day because people like the historical look of them.
2) People also love to keep these historical cutted gems with them because they love the sheen and the brilliance style of passing the light through the gem.
3) Rose-cut gems are widely used in creation of marcasite jewelry and contemporary designs.
4) In earlier times, this cut has been only used in Diamonds but now it has been extensively used in Semi-Precious stones also. 

Navneet Gems and Minerals added a new collection of colored Rose Cut gemstones to it inventory. Fancy color loose Rose Cuts are available in free-sized as well as in calibrated sizes of 6 mm to 12 mm. To view our stock, visits us at

Rose Cut is a method of cutting the gemstone, so that the base of the stone is wide, flat and un faceted. Whereas, the top of stone has been domed and covered by triangular facets. Often in two rows –with “star facet” (often six triangles) in the centre and proportional number of facets in the second row. These facets meet at a particular point. Rose cut stone have only 12 facets which expresses the natural beauty of the stone best. Cut is referred to Rose Cut because it has been related to buds of rose.

With over 18 years of combined experience in India and Thailand, from trading and supplying to cutting and polishing and participating in International Gem Fairs we know every aspect of this business. The company caters the requirements of small to renowned jewelry designers, individuals and retail stores around the world. To buy, order us at with your requirements.

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