Is there a Replacement for Ruby?

Ruby is one of most selling Precious stone in the world. Why it is so? Ruby is kind of Gem that include every positive points like Healing, looks, Color, Natural etc. Ruby has a unique red color. Many Gemstones come in red color like Red Agate, Red spinel but there is not any replacement of Ruby Gem. Red Agate is opaque and Red Spinel is very light in color. Most prominent thing is that it is available easily in market. As per other Precious Stones, Ruby is not so much costly. Sapphire and Tanzanite Prices are high as compare to ruby gem.

There are some facts about Ruby, Have a view on these points

1.This name comes from the Latin rubens. “rubens” means red.
2. Red color of ruby varies from rich darkish red to blood red and pinkish red.
3. Ruby is the called stone for lovers. It has proved that it helps to make a good love relationship.
4. Ruby is “birthstone for July”. It helps to all july babies to heal the problems.
5. Ruby’s hardness is 9 on moh’s scale, it can easily used in jewelry. There is not any problem of breaking.
6. Burma Ruby is more famous. The best color of ruby is rich red color with just blue hint tone.
7. There is very rare possibility to get a natural Gemstone with flaw and inclusion. If there is not imperfection in this, it means that is not real.

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