People Forget This Gorgeous African Amethyst

Zambia is the place in Africa, which has long been famous as the source of the best quality, deeply saturated amethyst; and “Zambian” is frequently used as an idiom to describe top-color stone, even if it comes from another part of the world. Though, African Amethyst can also be extremely dark – detracting from its appearance and, therefore, reducing its value. African Amethyst is usually comes in small sizes (to 10 carats).

Other sources of amethyst include Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, US state of Arizona, Canada, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. Navneet Gems and Minerals import African Amethyst directly from these places and cut and polish them in our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand. Our experts use advance tools and machineries to glaze them. Save 30-40% of your money by buying African Amethyst from us.

African Amethyst

Color is the most important value factor for amethyst. The finest – and most valuable – amethyst color is strong reddish purple or purple, with no visible color zoning. Strongly saturated gems of medium-dark to dark reddish purple or purple are preferable, as long as they are not too dark to detract from brilliance. Any brownish or bronze-colored tints in the amethyst’s purple color, or any color-zoning noticeable face-up lower its value dramatically.

Amethyst grades are based mainly on color: with the finest amethysts displaying strongly saturated, medium-dark to dark reddish purple or purple, with no visible color zoning or brownish/bronze-colored tints. If you want to buy these African Amethysts at wholesale prices, then contact us via email at and place your order by choosing them from our vast online inventory.

The highest quality amethyst is often described by one of these names - “AAA” / ”African” / ”Zambian” / "Deep Siberian". “AA” / “A” / “Medium-dark” are the trade names, which often used to describe amethyst of a slightly less expensive grade: little less saturated in color and with some face-up color zoning or slight inclusions. The stones in “B” / “Medium” category are usually much less expensive. The stones in “C” / “Light” grade are lighter still, and often not very attractive.

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