The importance of Ruby in jewellery industry

Ruby gemstone does not require any introduction and has been used in jewellery for centuries. One of the famous proverbs goes like this “She is more precious than Rubies”. This proverb clearly showed how much Rubies has been adored from the ancient times. Ruby just looks perfect with yellow, white gold or even with platinum ad hence, it is also regarded as King of the Gemstones.

Rubies are one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. They are stunning red color stones which always stands out of all because of their rich red color. Talking about India, the Gems and Jewelry Industry occupies a dominant position in earning valuable foreign income and among-st them Ruby gemstones and Jewellery tops the list. 

Ruby Jewelry with white diamonds

Being the members of same corundum species of gemstones Rubies and Sapphires are very hard and durable. Natural corundum is colorless, but the presence of trace elements of chrome, iron, titanium and vanadium are responsible for the colors like pink, blue, grey, green, red etc. The red colored corundum is Rubies while other colors corundum is entitled as Sapphires. Until 19th century, all corundum colors were considered as Rubies only.

 On Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness they score 9 standing just next to Diamonds. The perfect hardness of this stone also enhances the value and demand of Ruby for making jewellery especially day-to-day wear jewellery like earrings, rings, pendants. The red color of this gem is a symbol of love. This gemstone evokes the emotions of eternal love, romance and lust and it also radiates warmth and strong sense of vitality. Those who aspire for working on higher authorities are often advised to wear Ruby; moreover, a person will be blessed by high honor in the society also.

The important mines of Rubies are found in Thailand, Sri-Lanka, India, Vietnam, Central Asia and Madagascar and in some parts of United States of America also. But the most desirable Rubies are Burmese Rubies found in Burma (now known as Myanmar). They are popularly known as “Pigeon Blood” colored Rubies are of bluish-reddish color.

Fortunately, Navneet Gems and Minerals have quite a good range of fine Rubies in our collection right from Star Rubies, to calibrated Rubies to free-sized also. We are one of the biggest Wholesale Ruby Gems Manufacturer and Supplier as we have our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand, now-a-days regarded as an ultimate destination for the mining of Rubies. To buy, from us write an email at or you can directly call us at +66838968469.

And yes, not to forget that Rubies are always valued on the basis of the color and clarity, Burmese Ruby are regarded as best in terms of color and clarity, but due to continuous mining, these mines are at the urge of depletion and that's why are quite expensive also. Today, the market is full of Thailand and African Ruby which are secondary to Burmese ruby in clarity and hence less expensive also.

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