The Perfect Summer Color - London Blue Topaz

Topaz is found in natural state in mines in its original brown color. There are many other variants of Topaz that are found by heating topaz to reveal its blue color. Depending on the darkness of the blue color, topaz is available in many variants including light blue topaz, Swiss blue, and London blue topaz. London Blue Topaz is the darkest among all the variants.

It is said about London blue topaz that it is bluer than sapphire, richer than aquamarine and also more affordable than many other gemstones. The deep blue color of London blue topaz allows it to add a rich, fresh look to pieces inspired by the past. If you want to feel that rich experience, then you are always welcome at Navneet Gems and Minerals.

This gem is revealed within the opening petals of a shining 14K white gold flower. The intricately, skillfully carved design displayed by the band of this ring is lush with paisley-like swirls and leaves, adding a fitting accent to the blossom that rises from it. This piece could serve as a strong fashion statement or as a unique engagement ring.

London blue topaz

If you’d rather let the beauty of London Blue Topaz speak for itself, consider a minimalistic style such as the London Blue Topaz Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold. This unfussy but ultimately classy piece is available in your choice of stone sizes, allowing you to go bold or stay a bit more understated. In addition to 14K white gold, this style is also available in yellow gold, which offers a sunny contrast to the cool color of the starring gem.

The relative affordability of London blue topaz allows you to purchase even a sizeable stone without draining your bank account. If large, daring gems are your cup of tea, Apples of Gold carries a number of London blue topaz options that are sure to satisfy your craving for style that’s far from timid.

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