What is "Gemstone Jewellery"?

Gemstones have always been famous because of their sparkle, brightness, radiance and color. Gemstone Jewellery is also not a new concept in an industry, but the scope of it has been tremendously increasing from last few years. In earlier times, gemstone jewellery was just limited to Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Pearls etc. Now, market is full of innumerable stones and minerals such as Garnet, Peridot, Moonstones, Lapis Lazuli, Chyrsophase, Amethyst, Topaz, Aquamarine, Coral, Zade, Turquoise and many more. With the help of expansion in number of stones, jewellers and jewelry designers finding it very to 
manufacture cheap Gemstone Jewelry.

A fine setting of a gemstone in any kind of a metal like gold, silver and copper to make an ornament such as ring, necklace, pendant, broaches, tie-pins, cuffs, bangles etc. is called Gemstone Jewellery. However, real gemstones lovers do not gets attracts towards Gemstone Jewellery because some false manufactures engraved low quality gems in the jewellery to keep their prices low in the market. And in this type of jewelry it is impossible to found out origin country of the stone as it’s has been already mounted by metals like silver, gold and copper. However, for some people all this does not matter. All they consider is only that they should have good look Gemstone Jewellery. Because the appeal of this type of jewellery is such that it also makes women equivalent gorgeous like it. 

Every Gemstone Jewellery has some significance attached to it. Main problem in buying this jewellery is that buyer cannot get choice in gem varieties, choice of the various color of the particular stone and choice of various cuts. Gemstone lovers came up to the solution of the problem by buying Loose Stones only. Loose Stones as per their requirements and have them set by a jeweller or jewelry designer.

Now again the important question arises from where to purchase real and natural gemstones? A dealer who can give you details about the origin of the gem, treatment done on a gem to enhance its quality and provides certification for the gems he sells. You can find all three qualities in dual country (namely India and Thailand) based Navneet Gems and Minerals. The company put great emphasis on the quality of their merchandise. In fact, they are one of the biggest manufactures and Wholesalers of Gemstones in the world. “We always try s to give top quality products with surely best prices in the market to our customers”- says Mr. Suresh Aggarwal CEO, Navneet Gems and Minerals. Company has a wide inventory of both precious and semi-precious gems. To view our stock, visits us at www.navneetgems.com and for any questions, queries, comments and to give order to us email us at info@navneetgems.com, we insures you a quick response. And get ready to own an impeccable Gemstone Jewellery of our choiced color, cut and clarity. Custom jewelry will naturally be more expensive then commercial jewellery available in the market as it requires more money and time to be spend but you will enjoy this piece throughout your life.

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