Which country produces highest quality of gems?

You all must be thinking of some big and highly technical advanced countries like United States of America, Japan or Russia. But they are not!!! The small Asian country Thailand is the answer. Located in geographical heart of south-east Asia Thailand is one of the leading and major market of color gemstones like Rubies, Sapphires, Tourmalines, Garnets, Peridots, Jade, Spinal, Moonstone, Topaz, Quartz and many more in the list.

The quality of Thai gems is superior because of the following facts:
1) Thai people are experts in cutting and polishing of all the colored gemstones of highest quality due to their proximity to Burma which was the major source of expensive gems like Ruby, Sapphire and Jade.
2) Almost from every part of the World, the rough of colored gemstones come to Thailand to get cut, polished and manufactured. This arise a healthy competition of producing high quality gems among the local craftsmen to get attention from international clients and to generate more income for themselves.
3) The gems available in Thailand are cheaper because it is a major source of trading color gemstone. The gems are not mined here, but rough from each corner of the World is available her for finishing touch. The availability of world-wide roughs also makes the prices competitive in Thailand.
4) The Department of Export Promotion (DEP) Thailand, in association with Gem and Jewelry Industry is hosting a International Gem and Jewelry Fair twice a year which boosts up the exports.
5) The quality of Thai gems are examined and guaranteed by internationally accepted local bodies such as Asian Institute of Gemological Science (AIGS), International Gemological Institute (IGI), and The Gems and Jewelry Institute Thailand etc..
6) Highly advance tools and modern machinery is used in cutting and polishing which results into supreme quality gems.

The Gem and Jewelry industry is a powerful export earner for Thailand. This place has extensive reserves of Sapphires at a place known Kanchanaburi 100 kms west to Bangkok. The province of Chanthaburi located 280 kms south-west to Bangkok is famous for its Ruby reserves.
We must advice you something regarding to shopping of Gems in Thailand, one should be careful from buying the cheap substitutes at higher prices like glass-filled Rubies, irradiated Topaz, diffused color treated Sapphires.

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