Why do Pink Sapphire Cabochons Very Rare?

Sapphire is “all time favorite gemstone”. Sapphire comes in many colors like blue, black, pink, yellow, green, purple, lemon etc. its hardness is 9 on the Moh's scale.

Pink sapphire cabochons are rare. As people’s choice they prefer Cabochons or cabs in semi precious stones or cheap stones. Pink sapphire is slightly higher in prices than other stones so pink sapphire cabochons are rare. Faceted in this stone are available as per market need. 

This stone is very rare that’s why it is high in prices. Only high gentry’ people carry this. The prices of pink sapphire vary according to shape and cut. NavneetGems is your source for High quality Loose Pink Sapphire Gemstones at wholesale prices. We do provide certification with each of our stone. You would love to use the stone in jewelry, purchased by us. Most of our buyers use this stone as engagement ring.

It is completely a natural gemstone. There is not any treatment to enhance the beauty of it. Being an hard gem it is well-suited for jewelry purposes. Famous cuts are cushion, emerald, oval  etc. As i mentioned pink sapphire cabochons are generally not available in market, although we do have because NavneetGems has been fulfilling customer's need since last 18 years. You may contact us for more information about any type of Sapphire. You may write a mail at info@navneetgems.com for your order in any type of semi precious and precious stone.

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