If you buy Semi Precious Stones in retail, you are spending 3 times more than Wholesale. Find out why.

Buy Semi Precious Stones at three times lesser price than the Semi Precious Stones retailers. Yeah, you heard me right. Do you know about the distribution channel of Gemstone industry?
Let me first brief you about it before explaining you how you can grab this golden opportunity of buying semi precious stones astonishingly three times cheaper than the market price. So, here is the chart for your reference. 
This complete cycle makes the final product costly. Don’t understand it? Okay let me explain you with an example. I want to buy an Aquamarine for my wife. So, I will place an order to a jewelry company that I need one Aquamarine pendant and let’s estimate its price as 100$.

Now what happens next? Jewelry company will place an order of Aquamarine to their contract retailers, who charges with them around 50$. Retailers buy an Aquamarine from Navneet Gems (wholesaler) at 20$. Have you notice the huge difference in the prices at every stage that is making semi precious stones.

What you should do? Well, you can eliminate two extra elements from your buying cycle. i.e. let’s get connect via a bit direct cycle.
Let just it be YOU and US in the cycle. What happens is that you can directly by any semi precious stone directly from our Wholesale Semi Precious Stones collection at very less price. Of course, now my aquamarine will cost me much lesser around 20$. Amazing! And now I can easily take that to my local jewelry designer and ask him to make one beautiful and unique pendant for my wife.
Here, you have another extra edge of benefit and that is you have “Power of Choice” where you will get any jewelry in your desired shape, cuts and design.

How you will approach us? Thank GOD its 20th century of globalization, where you can buy anything from anywhere from any corner of the globe. So, you just have to decide what you need and need to mail us at info@navneetgems.com or give us a call on our Mobile: (+66) 81-8323858.

By the way have you checked my latest blog on Semi Precious Stones? If not then read it before buying any Semi precious gemstone. Keep Saving your money! Babayeee.

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