Why it is not Easy to Find a Good Supplier of Wholesale Gemstones?

Everyone loves charming beauty of gemstones. But how many of us are really sure about the quality of gemstones we buy? We all know that today the rate of corruption is at its best and of course Gemstone industry is not out of this world and so not untouched by corruption. If you are the consistent reader of our blogs then you must have an idea about buying chain of Gemstone industry. Also we have discussed about the fake stones and real one. 

Actually, being a layman we all are not that much aware about how to differentiate between fake gems and real gems and even few greedy gemstones dealers sell cheap gemstones at very high prices stating them as precious stones. Obviously, I do understand and really not suggesting you to get giant guide on gemstones tutorials, start reading them and become gemstones expert. No, I am just saying that the old theory of “precaution is better than cure” can be easily applied here. 

Wholesale Gemstones
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You just have to make yourself fully-armed with the gemstones basic knowledge and few tips before buying Gemstones. First of all, read our previous post to understand Buying Cycle of Gemstone Industry, if you have not read it. Now, you understand that how you can save your money by opting Wholesale Gemstones dealers rather than trusting Gemstone retailers.

Tips to find out genuine gemstone supplier - Here are few tips which you can use while purchasing gems:

  • Price of gems should be reasonable, if the gemstone is too cheap or too expensive, you need to be cautious.
  • Before buying gems, check the year of experience in the Gemstone industry does the dealer or wholesaler is having, as the suppliers who are not genuine and if its services are not good then such suppliers survive in the Gemstone industry.
  • Check that the Gemstone dealer is authentic or not. An authentic dealer provides certification from the best gemological labs and also the statement of origin and complete detail about the treatments which are done with the gemstone that you are buying. The top labs in the world are GRS, AGL, GIA and Gubelin.
  • Whenever you buy a gemstone you should have the right to check it and return it back to the dealer if it doesn’t fulfill your satisfaction. As whose first priority is client’s full satisfaction will always refund the money back to their clients if they do not like the product delivered. So, remember to clear all the Return policies of gemstone suppliers before buying gems.
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Hope this post will help you to choose right Gemstone Dealer for you. Cya!

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