Colors Colors Colors - No Black & White please

“Colors”, even GOD loves its different hues that’s why our earth is so colorful and full of colorful natural gifts and surprises. As per today new jewelries trend people are really taking interest in creative colorful gemstones jewelries tailored with Colored Gemstones rather than using black and white precious stones. Each color has its own importance and significance and gemstones are perfectly complimenting these variants of colors with their lustrous look. 

Today we will see few awesome gemstone jewelries with the significance of each color. Let’s start exploring mysterious world of colorful gemstones.

Here are few jaw-dropping  Gemstone Jewelries:

Brown color is a symbol of Stability, Clear Thinking, Harmony, Practicability, and Dependability.
Brown Gemstones are Tiger’s Eye, Smoky Quartz and Agate.
Brown color is considered as a color of the earth and should be worn by Cooking experts and Gardeners. Brown color Gemstone jewelry is for those who are down-to-earth and practical, as well as those who desire something unique and exclusive but not glossy.
Smoky Quartz
Red color is symbol of Energy, Love, Power, Strength and Passion.
Red Colored Gemstones are Rubies, Red Diamond, Garnets, and Coral.
This color of passionate love is a perfect choice for Artists, Lawyers and individuals which possess fire in their personalities. Red gemstones jewelries are most attractive and show the ambitious essence in someone’s personality.
Ruby Ring
Yellow color is symbol of Inner Positivity, Friendliness and Passion.
Yellow colored Gemstones are Citrines, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Sapphires, Amber and Yellow Diamonds.
This full of life Gemstone jewelries should be worn by Artists, Creative Individuals, Instructors and person who love adventures. Yellow color is a perfect choice to motivate and uplifting personalities. 

Citrine Ring
Green color is a symbol of Money, Fertility, Good Luck and Long Life.
Green Colored Gemstones are Jade, Emeralds, Turquoise, Green Sapphires and Peridot.
The Natural gemstone jewelries should be worn by the People involved in finance & money and Bankers. Use Green gemstones to attract Money, Prosperity and Wealth.
Emerald Ring
Blue color is a symbol of Confidence, Strength, Loyalty, Truth, and Good Health.
Blue Colored Gemstones are Blue Sapphires, Aquamarines, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Blue Topaz.
This symbol of youth should be worn by Colorful Personalities and Public Speakers. Blue Colored stones are used to heal who face difficulty in sleeping or who have nightmares.
Blue Topaz Bracelet
Purple color is a symbol of Spirituality, Pride, Love and Serenity.
Purple Colored Gemstones are Purple Sapphires, Amethysts and Purple Diamonds.
This judgment gemstone should be worn by Philosophers and creative people who love exploring human nature. This calming stone can be used to take your imagination powers to new levels.
Purple Sapphires Ring
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