Friday, 12 July 2013

Does a Gemstone Manufacturer make Diamonds?

A Gemstone Manufacturer is one who reeves and shapes your colorful dreams in the form of Gemstones. We actually love many gemstones but especially diamonds is like stars of our eyes. Why not it will be? Today, it is like ritual to have diamond engagement ring. But do you know manufacturing this metaphor of stars on earth that is diamond is very typical? That’s the reason that many Gemstone Manufacturers rally don’t manufactures it. 

Actually to manufacture gemstones you need totally different sets of machines then manufacturing diamonds. That’s the reason why many Gemstone Manufactures really do not manufacture diamonds. 

But if Gemstone Manufacturer is claiming then you have to be extra careful. Here is a list of few common reasons why usually Gemstone Manufacturers do not manufacture diamonds.
  • Gemstones are softer then diamonds, so as I have specified earlier to manufacture diamonds Gemstone Manufacturers will need different type of machines.
  • Gemstone labors are not skilled in diamond manufacturing as while manufacturing it is so necessary to know the art of utilizing every bit of diamonds as Diamonds are really expensive. As cutting and polishing of gemstones or diamonds using rough raw material is very necessary and this process becomes vital in case of diamonds.
  • Machinery required for manufacturing diamonds are expensive.
  • In manufacturing diamonds, with experience in cutting and polishing diamonds, the manufacturer team should also be well equipped with highly technical machines that will require high skilled engineers to operate them.

  • We do not make Manufacture DIAMONDS
    BUT We supply to our customers 

These all are the reasons why a Gemstone Manufacturer really don’t manufacture diamonds or even if they manage to manufacturer some diamonds it will be very difficult for them to sell them in market due to less efficiency, high cost and poor quality of diamonds.

But that doesn’t mean that a Gemstone Manufacturer cannot sell diamonds. Many Gemstone Manufacturers and dealers sells a very fine quality of diamonds. As they are in the particular market and of course have trusted contacts through which they supply splendid diamonds across the globe. 

Navneet Gems & Mineral: We are also a manufacturer, supplier and dealers of Gemstones and Diamonds. We buy diamonds from trusted rough gems importers of Bombay and Surat and then manufacturers white diamonds in all small cuts and sizes in our factories.  We provide certified diamonds that includes GIA certification, HRD certification etc. 

Why we are genuine manufacturer and supplier of diamonds?
  • We are having 18 years of experience and goodwill in the Gemstone Industries.
  • We are the certified member of Zambian Emerald Association (ZEA) & GIA.
  • We are true believer of complete Customer Satisfaction theory.
  • We are having long list of clientele that gives you a perfect reason to opt us to buy our Gemstones and diamonds. 
Although, list is quite long but as most of our readers and clients are already familiar with our policies and services. 

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