Nothing is more beautiful than Gems

Yeah! That’s a fact and as true as existence of life. Beauty is not always about looks although they are also important. Gems beauty is the divine beauty that not only enhances your looks but also makes you good and beautiful from inside. Here from inside beauty means Gemstones make you feel happy and beautiful from your heart. As each Gemstone has its own shade, color and of course magical spells. 

As we have already discussed that today people love wearing gemstones jewelries more, they love to wear colorful gems rather than old golden jewelries or diamond jewelries. In this fashion era, people are even getting more chosen and they are going for their customized jewelries. Like they buy their favorite Loose Gemstones in their desired shape, size and color from us and use them to tailor their own personal jewelries collection. That’s amazing as now people have the power of choice and they can really wear their imagination.

We know about many types of Gemstones but are you aware with the world are most famous Gems? Here are they:

Smithsonian museums' Alexandrite, the largest cut Alexandrite.

The Andamooka Opal, also known as the Queen's Opal

The most valuable black opal"Aurora Australis Opal"

The Flame Queen Opal

The Halley's Comet Opal
The Olympic Australis Opal

The DeLong Star Ruby

The Hixon Ruby Crystal

The Neelanjali Ruby

The Rosser Reeves Ruby

The Logan Sapphire
The Star of Asia

The Star of India
Black Star of Queensland Star

The Samarian Spinel

The American Golden Topaz

The Chalmer's Topaz

Wow, each Gem is a real gift of nature to us. When it comes to buy real gems people often gets looted by few greedy Gemstone Dealers and even I have also written blog on “Why It Is Not Easy To Find a Good Supplier of Wholesale Gemstones?” 

Well, But we are Navneet Gems and Minerals, a Thai-Indian organization having experience of 18 years in manufacturing and supplying gemstones across the globe. Being a wholesaler of Gemstones we have huge collection of Gemstones that are easily available for you at very reasonable prices. You just mail us on and we will revert back in just 24 hours. We consider all our clients as our family members and that’s why we really work hard to make your experience better. We have many international customers who are really happy with our services and that’s makes us feel proud. 

Connect with us and feel the natural aroma of gemstones locked in your jewels box. Cya!

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