Burmese Ruby is best. Is it true? What about Madagascar Ruby & Indian Ruby?

We all know that the ideal color for ruby is bright red color. That’s the fact that fine quality of precious gem stone revolve around color and inclusions. But, which Ruby we should buy? This complete post is all about which Ruby is best.

Burmese Ruby or Indian Ruby or Madagascar Ruby. Which is best?
“Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby is the most desired, most beautiful and most expensive Ruby”. This statement must have been heard by so many people, but the fact is sayings are not always true. It is a proven reality that over the last 100's of years Burma is the reliable resource of the finest rubies of the world, but over the last several years this situation has been considerably changed with fast geological discovery of previously not reachable places, especially African i.e. Madagascar Ruby.

Some rubies that surpass the popularity of Burmese rubies in top quality are Vietnamese rubies which got popular in market in 90’s. Very lately, a new my own in Tanzania has been discovered known as “Winza” which generates extremely fine quality of ruby. Rubies of remarkable top quality are also mentioned from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Greenland, and Tajikistan.

Conclusion - Conclusion is; all qualities of ruby are good, it just depends on your need, money, and desire.

Burmese Rubies
Burmese Rubies are one of the finest quality rubies and have an in-depth red shade due to presence of chromium, although sometimes they can have clues of red or light pink. Burmese rubies come from particular areas, namely Mogok in north Burma and Mong-Hsu to the eastern of Mandalay.

Madagascar Rubies
Madagascar is the source of top fine quality range of rubies, although, Madagascar rubies are relatively new to the gemstone market. The ruby areas in Madagascar are Andilamena and Vatomandry. There are variations in the rubies from each place. The rubies from the Andilamena area are best after heat treatment while the ones from Vatomandry do not. The Vatomandry rubies have lemon, red and light red features.

Indian Rubies
Indian Ruby is considered to be cheaper, more blackish in color produced bulk in India so it makes it cheapest ruby. Its price varies from 0.50$ upto 10$ per carat. As it is the cheapest Ruby available in the market it is highly used in silver jewelry. Also it is widely used in fashion jewelry and for casual wear even many astrologer suggests it as a substitute of original fine quality Ruby as a solution of problems of July birth Children.

Buy best quality Ruby
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Now? Happy? Okay great, Don’t forget to comment your views and the points that I might have missed. Till then Sayōnara.


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  2. Hi im reading up on ruby information. wow its dont seem to have an ensting to where the best are found. Only that flawless rubies are being found everywhere. I have two untreated raw rubys from madagascar. One is 26.19ct with a pink exterior. Beaurifull rock to hold . Also I hqve a 44.60ct deep red with deepper pockets of blood red inside it all a beautifull rich red colour. I cant stop holding them hahaha also I hqve a blue saphire from madagascar over 550.00 ct deep blue but needs cutting around to open up the rich blue inside . Anyone who love rubys and saphires holds a higher place in my book of awesome over diamomds. Ive used my 26ct ruby to score and cut glass with no visible marking to the ruby. My wife can have her one to three ct diamomds foe men that want to feel power when your flst broke and nit able to work due to an injury. Csrry about 70.00ct of nattural untreated too quality rubys. I dont eat most nights cause im broke. But I always wake uo and enjoy my day down at the water letting the blood red reflection of rubys enter my eye and fill my shakra with its energy... sorry if I bored others with my comments.buy your self some good wuality rubys and im aure ill be aeeing you all enjoying your restdull days down thw water with me.
    Kind regards
    Peninsula kid


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