Gift a rose quartz to your love, not Rose anymore.

Rose Quartz love theme. Love is an only bravura nugget that manages to survive since dinosaur’s era. I am not sure but I think since then red rose is considered as a symbol of love till today.

“One love, one heart, one destiny.” Bob Marley

And that’s the most important as well as precious gift that a lover presents to his/her soul-mate. This time I suggest you to present a metaphor of your heart that is a “Rose Quartz” actually “a heart-shaped Rose Quartz” to your loving one.

Now, I understand many questions must be popping in your mind related to rose quartz. So here I am with every unique spicy quality of Rose Quartz. Before jumping to its detailed information lets first discuss about title of my post.

What Rose quartz is? Rose quartz = love stone = stone of universal love, yeah that’s true. Don’t get any wrong idea that a Rose Quartz can magically produce your soul-mate; but actually it can help you to have that healthy mind-set and positive element to invincibly attract and fall in love. But be cautious, as according to conformists Rose Quartz ignites unconditional love, even if you consider yourself unfortunate who always ignored by sense of true “Love” then this gem will magically force universe to create your unique love story. Its magical powers can also ignite spark of love in your boring married life. Incredible! Eventually you got your reason to present heart shaped Rose quartz to your soul-mate.
Check out more information about it at Navneet gems or for its theoretical information click here.

Rose Quartz explained theoretically. Moving towards its details, Rose quartz = Love Stone = Pink Quartz = Bohemian Ruby naturally occurs in pale to dark pink shades and having lustrous translucent look. Mostly found at Madagascar, Montana, California, Brazil, and Germany.

Fashionable gift. Gift this romantic Rose Quartz to your loved ones with the hints of fashion. You can present them your heart in the form of Rose quartz studded beautifully in jewelries like pendant, rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

What you should do? Everything is clear? Now, what you have to do? Actually, you have two options:
First option:
  • Search for online and offline retailer of Rose quartz or wholesale Rose Quartz.
  • Search about those brands credibility
  • Decide to place order with them and start discussion with their representative to actually make him understand what you need exactly. Well, that’s most tedious job.
  • And, finally after placing order and paying huge price wait for your order long and long time.
  • When finally you receive it, GOD knows what you are getting is real or not.
If you ask me, I will never ever opt for this option. As I had described about concept of “Wholesale” in my previous post, I will go for wholesale Rose Quartz.
That is second option:
  • Lay down on your couch and think about in which form and cuts you should present Rose Quartz to your Love.
  • Visit Navneetgems check out wholesale Rose Quartz details and just call us at +66838968469 or simply drop a mail with cuts details at
Why Navneet Gems? Incredibly easy and you will get your customized gem surprisingly at very lower price. You just have to take it your jewelry designer and get it tailored in perfect dreamy gift form. And about credibility of gems they provide:
  • They are certified member of Zambian Emerald Association (ZEA) & GIA (X-factor)
  • Navneet Gems and Minerals with 18 years of experience in designing and supplying in Gemstone industry
So, don’t wait just place your order and romance with your love in new way. Cya!

 Rose Quartz Rose Quartz

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