Smoky quartz – Meet smoky beauty of Gems Industry

Today, I am going to introduce National gem of Scotland – Smoky Quartz which is actually spelled out as Smokey Quartz. I think, with its name you can identify why its name is Smoky; it is due to its beautiful smoky color. Many Hollywood beauties like Mena Suvari, Cote de Pablo, and Juliette Lewis love to wear smoky quartz jewellery on Red carpet.

Gem’s Smoky Appearance. Great smoky gemstone is translucent and its hues ranges from brown to gray color and few smoky quartz can be chocolaty brown and black also. Brazilian smoky gem and Scottish smoky are famous world-wide for their shiny lustrous look. Scottish Smoky quartz stones from Cairngorm Mountains are known as cairngorm. Other places where you can dig out smoky quartz gem are Spain, Madagascar, Australia, Switzerland, and U.S. (Colorado). Smoky quartz can also be discovered as Gwindle quartz movement, a group of similar gems.

Smoky quartz is available in 3 known types and each type is often given titles from area where they are found;
  1. Cairngorm: A yellow brownish or grayish brown comes from Cairngorm Hills in Scotland.
  2. Morion: A deep darkish brown to dark black smoky gem is found in Italy.
  3. Coon Tail: A gem embosses glossy look of grayish and dark black color. Coon Tail is mainly found in the areas of Magnetic Cove, Illinois, and United States.
You will be amazed that smoky quartz has very long history tales that includes discovery of smoky quartz beads in caves of Israel those were occupied between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago. This adorable gem produces optical effects of cat’s eye and stars.

Smoky Symbol of Smoky Quartz. This smoky birthstone of November born child, support:
  • Provide cleansing qualities to its owner and helps them to stay away from depression etc.
  • To vanish negative energy and gives patience.
  • To transform negative energies to positive energy.
  • To reduce depression.
  • Increase pride and joy of life.
Smoky quartz also has healing powers. It relieves headaches, returning problems, helps muscular spasms etc.  It is particularly effective for stomach, hips and legs.  Reduces complications, coming back problems, allows muscle fits. Barbeque Quartz activity benefits the extra, the heart, muscles and nerve tissue.  It controls liquids within the body and allows consumption of minerals.
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Different shades of Smoky Quartz
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