There is a reason why we say "Wholesale"

Have you ever wondered about this particular word “Wholesale”? I am sure most of the reader’s answer will be “No”. Well, today I will throw some light on pros & cons of the concept of “Wholesale" in respect of ‘wholesales gems’. Its dictionary meaning is ‘The selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others’. That makes sense this implies that if we buy anything from a wholesaler without even using our cunning bargaining techniques we will get that particular thing at surprisingly at lower price.  That means that you have every reason to buy charms from us, as we are leading gemstone manufactures and wholesale suppliers of gemstones of all shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Weee!

Wholesale Roses - Why buy Gems in bulk?
Retail? Gift one rose if you want to make it sound Small
Another awesome reason is if you are going to purchase gemstones from wholesalers like us you will be having thousands of options for selection for your collection. You will be having wide range of customized shapes, sizes, and prices.

With the above pros there is another grand reason why you should select Wholesaler over Retailer is the power of desire and choice. For example, if you are planning to buy a superior quality gemstone in your imaginary shape. Now, you have two options to buy your dreamy gemstone either to approach Wholesaler or Retailer. You know what will happen? All retailers will refuse saying this kind of shape is not available. Embarrass. But if you approach any leading gems wholesalers like Navneet Gems, they will provide you your dreamy stone with suggestions for other magnificent gemstones cuts. As you can place customized orders with the wholesalers according to your wish, need, and desire. Sounds amazing!

Well, that’s what exactly we do. Our clients just mail us their needs and their dreamy charming stone lands on their doorstep. Being wholesalers and suppliers of these splendid gemstones we are having hell long-list of shapes, cuts, and sizes of gemstones no matter how much weird is your need and shape.

And this amazing factor adds one more positive point in our services and that is we provide what is new in trends and latest in styling minds with our creative and hardworking experts team. Did I tell you about my company? No, it just slipped away from mind as most of our loyal clientele already knows us and helps us to keep our positive image through their good word-of-mouth.
We are Navneet gems, a Thai-Indian company well-known for its working style, designs, services and lots more. We are manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of natural gemstones. And the best thing about us is that you can approach us by simply dropping a mail at, or by visiting our website or just picking up your phone and calling us on +66838968469.

Okay friends, time to go. Catch you soon, till then happy shopping!

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