A blog post about Lapis after our successfull Bangkok and Hongkong Gemstone show

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Our presence in the Bangkok Gems and Jewellery fair September 2013 was quite obvious, with our booths having to be in a premium location. Finally a blogpost from our company after a long time. Here we go.

We always loved Blue, since my father Suresh Agarwal became an individual Enterpreneur and started his own Semi precious stones business. He started in a small "Moo Baan" - thats what they call a small in-expensive bungalow cum office in Bangkok in Thai language. Back then it was a world full of opportunities, now its just competition simply. He started his journey in Blue topaz in around 1997, 15 years after I was born. Since then we have expanded in all possible colors, we keep buying Raw materials from our Indian sourcing office. But our love for blue has never reduced.

Once my dad explained how he used to dream about this color Blue. Blue wasnt a color for him, it was his ocean. And I was inspired from that onwards and since then always had this love for Blue. Same goes for Lapis Lazuli.

When recently one of my customers who buys once in a month from me, all Quartz possible asked if I could make Lapis Energy pyramids. I was like Errrr...give me a day. And I looked into it and here we are, with a few dozen pyramids in our hands. Check the below photo out of this amazing Blue colored Semi precious stone. It has indeed blown us and I have decided to stock Lapis Lazuli Pyramids in all sizes and in the top most quality. (Oh in Lapis you need to see the color and the amount of Pyrite in it - the more Pyrite the lower the standard of quality is reflects)

Lapis now available with us:

1" - (Wholesale price is 10$ per piece for less than 15 pieces order)
1.25" (Wholesale price is 17$ per piece for less than 15 pieces order)
1.50" (Wholesale price is 30$ per piece for less than 15 pieces order)
2" - Email us to ask prices at navneet@navneetgems.com
2.5" -Email us to ask prices at navneet@navneetgems.com
3" -Email us to ask prices at navneet@navneetgems.com
4" -Email us to ask prices at navneet@navneetgems.com
5" -Email us to ask prices at navneet@navneetgems.com

Custom sizes are also available on orders for this Gemstone. This Pyramid of Colored Gemstone (lapis lazuli) has a great influence on the energy level in an indivual person. Lapis has always been used as a healing crystal, which not only the modern but back in B.C's, this concept was also used. Definitely isnt a co-incidence or a hypothetical belief.

Hope the reading was informative and enjoyable, will definitely post more blogs from now.