Wholesale Green, Pink and Multi Tourmaline Trends

Tourmaline is one of the stones that comes in many colors. It comes in Green, Pink, Multi, Blue and Black and many more colors. Tourmaline is mainly sourced from Africa, Brazil, Mozambique, Srilanka and the USA. As a Birthstone, Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline are very famous. It is considered Birthstone for October

History, User and Etymology -
Did you notice one thing about tourmaline that it comes in all colors of Rainbow, Ancient says that Tourmaline traveled through rainbow.

Tourmaline is derived from Sinhalese term “turmali,”. Earlier Pink Color was mistaken by Ruby in ancient time.

  • Pink Tourmaline is very famous in Russia because of long time users, Russian kings used this stone in their crowns.
  • This Gemstone is also very popular in China. The Chinese used it to carve and engrave shapes and figures.
  • In India, Tourmaline is used to find the reason of trouble or evil spirits and to overcome all these.
Information about Wholesale Green Tourmaline
  • It is also called Verdelite. It is said by astrologers that this stone encourages patience and help you achieve your goals. For business persons it is one the best Gemstone.
  • This offers detoxification effects.
Uses of this Stone
 This stone is used mainly in Jewelry, Rings, Earrings etc. Many Gem collector also keep this in their collection.

Prices for Tourmaline starts from 40$/carat and goes high according to size, quality. For Wholesale Green Tourmaline prices, Wholesale Pink Tourmaline Prices and Multi tourmaline you can Go here.

Here I am posting some pictures of Tourmaline Beads, Loose stones, Lots, Single stones. Have a glimpse.