How did the Chinese start liking Tourmaline to make it "the hottest selling stone in China 2013 after jade"?

The chinese didnt exactly do anything - they just fell in love. How How How does consumption of Tourmaline have to do with falling in love? Or with the Chinese demographics.

The chinese people are old, wealthy and in LOVE. There is a big connection of the chinese way of life and its culture to be reflected in exactly how did the gemstone Tourmaline get so famous that every couple wanted to get married using a Tourmaline ring (For the ladies)

There are two main reasons why Tourmaline is bought in bulk by the Chinese: The first one is becaue of the demographics of China and the second one is because of the Tourmaline gemstone itself.

Have a look at the Chinese demographics:

There are lots of implications we can make from this data here from the Chinese Population demographics:

  • There are almost 50%-50% proportion of Male compared to Female. What does this imply on the consumption of Jewellery, and Tourmaline in particular? The implication is that there must be a lot of married couples, unmarried couples, dating couples in this country with such a beautiful spread of gender equality. If there was a great difference then either men or either women would be single and thus would create less couples and more dissatisfied people.
  • Most of the population (I dont have the exact figure) but around 50% are in the 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 age group. When half the population is almost married or married ofcourse they would be considered still young or almost old - which means they have the spending power as couples, so ofcourse they probably buy alot of Tourmaline in either Loose form or maybe already studed in Jewellery.
  • Since the country has grown immensely recently, the property prices of locals have doubled, trippled, quadripped, their business has flourished, their money value has increased, their incomes have risen - ofcourse women would buy alot of Jewellery as thats a luxury item.
The second reason is because of the Tourmaline itself.
  • One of the most beautiful 100% Natural available in "all colors" - the Chinese have had a famous history with the Green color thus the Green tourmalines where as Pink make them fall in love even harder ;)
  • Price is pretty reasonable of Pink Tourmalines, Green Tourmalines, Blue Tourmalines, Bi colour tourmaline when you compare that for example with Sapphires.
Different colors of Green Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline - fall in love with you ;)

Rubelight - a type of tourmaline
The current market of Tourmaline in China has really taken off. All the dealers of Wholesale Tourmaline, including us are having bases in Hongkong and are enjoying the only stone that comes in so many different colors naturally with the price being "humble"

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