Selling and Information about AAA Tanzanite Gemstones for Sale

This is about Tanzanite that comes in "World's Rarest Gemstones". I have segmented this into 5 sections to elaborate this stone.

1. Grade, Color and Prices
2. Quality and Clarity Factor
3. Size of Tanzanite
4. Recent Market Updates about this stone
5. Beware of synthetic Gemstones suppliers
6. Certification is must

Tanzanite Grade and Color - It is not easy to understand TZ  Color in words so we use this chart to explain our buyers. I have circled Top Top Color of Tanzanite that is also called D-block (In Tanzania, a mine block where Top color is mined). These Gemstones come in a wide range of colors as you can see in the chart. Prices of Tanzanite depend on many factors like Color, Size of stone (Carats) and Quality (AAA-AA-A). We (Navneet Gems) are Wholesale Tanzanite Supplier and our starting prices are 5$/carat for small size and goes up to 700-800$/carat and above for big size according to color and Quality.

Tanzanite gemstones
Tanzanite Color Chart

tanzanite gemstones for sale
TZ Grade chart

Tanzanite Quality and Clarity Factor - Quality of this Gemstone is judged by Clarity. If there is no inclusion inside the stone then it is considered Top Quality or Inclusion free. Inclusion can come in many ways like white spot, cracks etc. It is hard to get a Inclusion free Tanzanite and Prices of AAA Tanzanite also remain high.

Size of Tanzanite Gemstones for Sale- Small sizes come very cheaper than big sizes like 4 cts, 5 cts and above and reason is rare availability of big sizes. We have big size TZ Loose Gemstones in our stock as many of the regular buyers from the United States are buying from us.
tanzanite gemstones for sale
Tanzanite AA Baguette
tanzanite gemstones
Tanzanite Round
aaa tanzanite value
TZ Octagon AAA

Recent Market Updates of Tanzanite Gemstones For Sale -
Due to high demand of Tanzanite Cabochons, Faceted gemstones it will become very rare in upcoming few years. 
  "After publishing article in Tanzania that is situated in East Africa and well known as a Tanzanite Origin", What article says? - Due to huge consumption of Taznzanite by the United States' people, Tanzania government has banned Tanzanite export. 

Beware of Lab created Tanzanite suppliers -
Some of suppliers on internet are supplying this stone at very very low prices, their prices are not subjected for real Gemstone. All of them are tricking people by exporting Lab created or synthetic TZ so whenever you go for Buying Tanzanite always make sure about authentication of supplier by reading blogs, social channels and website.

Certification is Must -
One should never buy Tanzanite without certification by a reputed company like GIA, IGI etc. Navneet Gems is providing Free Certification to their supplier with Stones. Business is all about customer trust and reliability so we try our best to give every possible service to our customers.

aaa tanzanite value
A Sample of Tanzanite Certificate from GIA
To buy TZ Gemstones you can refer to our website and please feel free to ask any any question to gather information about Gemstones. We are here to assist you.
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