Some of my best Gemstone Photography!!!

This is a collection of my photography which I am finally disclosing here. These are some of the finest clicks of Gemstone Photography. Most are them using my D3100 Nikon with "no additional" lens which is why most of the stones are not Diamonds or Expensive Ruby or Sapphires. If I had that lens by now I would be taking pictures of Expensive Semi precious and Precious Gemstones, but oh well most importantly these Gemstones, Beads etc are just beautiful. Its not my photography, its my passion.

Something missing is the focus but oh well the colors came out good and the background was white

This picture of Pink Sapphire Cabs show off its actual color, no enhancement, natural light.

The way they are organized are my favourite! Rainbow Moonstones! More like Blue Moonstones ;)

Its not the photography here, its more of the color of the Tanzanite which came out really good.

I love this as the top best clicks I have made of the Rhodolite Garnet. Lovely Lovely Gemstone Photography! My favourite anytime of my life so far!

I like the angle at which this piece of Tanzanite was clicked, shows its true beauty.

Loving the background blue lights!!!

Love the focus. Improvements could have been in the shape of this Crystal Massage wand!