Is buying of loose gemstones is worthy investment?

Loose Gemstones are not only for jewelry designers but also for investors. This is safest investment if you talk about stock market, commodity or something else.

What is most important before investing our money?
Knowledge is pretty important when you are going to buy loose stones, without knowledge you may trick by someone, so always look for gemstone supplier who can provide you certification from authorized company along with gems. 

No min to max limit of investment -
You can be a gems investor whether you are willing to invest 1000$ or 100,000$. It's totally up to you.
This is possible because there is a huge range of gemstones in which you can invest, for example if you are willing to buy Swiss Blue Topaz (America's favorite) then you can start with 2000$, Read more here about swiss blue topaz and if you wish to invest more than 50,000$ then you can choose emerald, sapphire, rubies etc. Read more here about precious stones investment

Profit chances when you invest in gemstones -
Profit depends on time. Let's say if you want to get your return back with in a year then you will get 40-50% profit (General idea) and if you hold it for 5 years then you can definitely get more than 150% profit. Sometimes due to sudden increase in gems prices you can get the profit with in few months also. 
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