Pantone announced Radiant Orchid as the color of the year 2014 - What this means to Jewellers.

Having attended the AGS conclave this year in San diego - right next to the GIA campus (Not a coincidence) - we were invited to go attend it and I did. Fortunately the topic of interest I chose was "Colors and how they work in our jewellery industry"
and there was alot of talk about Orchid color being the color of this year. So here is which gemstones according to me should be at the top of their usage this year, as designers try to plan their Jewellery revolving around Royal Orchid:

Color of the year 2014

NUMBER 1: Amethyst

NUMBER 2: Morganite (Peach)

NUMBER 3: Yes unexpectedly Emeralds. How will designers use their left over stock from last year?

Conclusions: Its not very obvious to people that the two colours of the recent two years have been colors of the years that Gem fields have been into. Did you read the news about Gemfields doing Auctions in Jaipur for Emeralds and they holding 70% of the rough production of Emeralds now? This happened last year, and thats the year of the Emerald - Co-incidence. And whats the next move? The colour of 2014 year has been Royal Orchid. Co-incidence again? What about the fact that Green and Purple (Violet) are complimentary colors right across the Colored gemstone wheel? Does that mean anything at all, yes you'll be surprised. When designers design things, they want "contrasting" colors and so now they can use their old left over of Emeralds with the Purple Amethyst or a more expensive Purple Sapphires and Spinels?

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