Design jewellery from Wholesale Semi precious stone beads

Have you ever wondered how Jewellers and Individual designers around the world from different parts of the world use Semi precious stone beads in their jewellery? Names of different very famous Semi precious stone beads? Well this article is for you then.

A simple introduction about what Semi precious stone beads are.

Semi precious stone beads are the lower category of Gemstone beads that include many famous and inexpensive gems that can make great jewellery design ideas, and they can only be achieved by using these gorgeous gemstone beads ranging from mainly from 3$ per strand upto 30$ per strand. 

Semi precious stones beads include:
  • Aquamarine Beads - Blue colored bead that comes in either Milky blue or clear Blue colour. Usually in the form of Smooth beads.
  • Amethyst Beads - market uses the African origin as it give s a better color, we do too, but the brazillian material is getting more famous now
  • Blue topaz beads - Very famous color in Sky blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz and London blue topaz colors.
  • Citrine beads - these are yellow colored quartz beads that can come in usually three different colors - A, AA and AAA.
  • Garnet Beads - most like the seller stocks Hessonite garnet beads, Orissa red garnet beads and sometimes Rhodolite garnet beads. The later one is more rare.
  • Green Aventurine beads - this is a hot selling product due to the resemblence of fine Jadeite
  • Green Amethyst beads - Also known as Prasiolite, this beads is a very common bead and usually found in Facetted stones instead of smooth due to very less inclusions in this coloured gemstone.
  • Turquoise Beads - Jaw dropping gorgeous are designs made out of Turquoise, especially the finer quality turquoise strands as photo here:
Sleeping beauty Turquoise can make very beautiful strands
  • Smoky Quartz / Rose quartz: Different types of quartz that can make really nice colored Gemstone beaded Jewellery designs from.
These above are some of the most common semi precious gemstone beads that sell in Wholesale quite well for us and for manufactureres around the world.

Jewellery Designs made with beads and how to incorporate them into your designs.

There are many different ways of working with Gemstone beads. Here are the two basic ways and each way will tell you different designs to work with and other factors to consider:

1. Firstly beads come in beaded form which means they are strung around with either a chord or a wire or a thread like substance sometimes. If you want you can "restring" these beads if they solve the purpose. For example: One of Navneet Gems' customer customer bought 100 strands of Labradorite roundels, I think the sizes were 4 mm, which mind you was a difficult order to make as we were out of that size, and he told me he had to string them from about 16" original length of each strand to about 4". So he made 4 beaded necklaces out of each strand I shipped to him. He said he made earrings and pendants out of it. Ofcourse he didnt send me the design out of it but here is what he would have probably made:

These are Amethyst Tires as we call 'em - restringed into these designs

These are Multi gemstone beads that are made into Earrings
These are all Gemstone beads taken at wholesale, and remade them to add value and solve the purpose. This way since everyone is simply using beads and making them into necklaces with some extra added value, this gives them a complete different look and different feel, unique and elegant and higher margins for you as now you have something that has added value.

2. The second way of doing this is by simply taking the Gemstone beads and adding some type of a design to it and sell it as a necklace. This sells really well because the American manufacturings for Gemstone or beads is none since the start. And since that is true, the designers are always looking for good looking gemstone ideas that cause least amount of efforts that are time consuming and can give a really classy look. High end semi precious stone beads like those of Turquoise can give a very classy look, or even a high quality Jade (Even though Jade is categorized under Semi precious stone, it is a Precious gemstone)

Have a look at some of the ideas of Beaded jewellery with the strand being exactly the same, just adjusting a little to add some extra look by either adding a traditional/tribal look to these Beads.

See how this designer has added a satiny cloth (By the way satin cloth with jewellery is quite trendy) into his/her Jewellery ideas, such ideas can save time and look very elegant.
Turquoise beads restringed with gold and a turquoise smooth bead towards the neck of the wearer. 

These were two types of using the beads and using them into your jewellery. Now we will lastly mention about how you could add more value into your Beads:
  • Add Loop earrings with 16" bead cut into 5-6 parts and each part handing from the loop to make a drippy earring. (To make 5-6 parts simply cut the string proportionally) 
  • Restring the beads and add a value added Jewellery string which you can buy from companies that sell colourful strings which suits your jewellery design well.
  • Add Clasps, depending on what type of Jewellery you are planning to make, ofcourse with High end Lapis beads from Iran you could use Diamond clasps in usually two ends, one end on the starting of the bead and the other in the end. Or it could also be two beads next to each other (Not literally, you should leave 3-4 smooth bead gaps) and place these two in the center of the bead to make it look attractive.
  • Add Satin cloth strung through the beads if the hole of the beads are big enough. Usually these beads are more on order based, we get customers who want 8 mm beads with whole size of 6 mm, now that can get difficult and we can loose a lot of weight and possible chances of breaking the gemstone but thats fine.
I hope this blog posts about using Semi precious stone beads at wholesale can help you make great Jewellery designs as alot of people around the world still love Jewellery made out of beads, especially those smooth beads. Especially in the United states where average American buys mainly Beaded Jewellery.