The Perfect Engagement Ring : Which ring should you buy as your Engagement ring ?

 One of the most important, exciting and love-filled moment of your wedding is deciding your very own engagement ring.Yes the engagement ring is the most talked about piece of jewelry right from the celebs wearing them in the news or your best friend or cousin showcasing them, NOW it’s your turn. So how do you go about getting your own special engagement ring?

Well, from the age old times to the recent days, prospective grooms propose to their prospective brides by presenting them the engagement ring which is now followed all over the world. Even in some cultures, the exchange of engagement rings is a customary tradition. 

1st let’s go through some of the most important steps before buying the perfect ring.

Research : Make sure you do a lot of research about the likes, lifestyle etc. of you or your partner.

Style : Perhaps the most important thing before selecting your ring is to identify what is your style. Is it classic, contemporary, or simplistic? Style of jewelry varies from person to person. So make sure your style is in check!

Know your Diamonds : Diamonds is the traditional engagement ring choice because they are enduring and match everything. Don’t forget the saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” Diamonds are the hardest materials and also scratch resistant.

4 ‘C’ s : Before buying a Diamond engagement ring don’t forget to remember the 4 ‘C’ s : 

1. Carat : this refers to the unit measurement of the diamond and the weight (not size). Engagement rings are generally of 1 carat or more.  

2. Color : the color of the diamond varies considerably and most people prefer a very white colored stone. Colors are graded from D (colorless to rare) and vary good quality diamonds maybe found around F and H and grades D to I are also acceptable.

3. Clarity : Being a natural stone, there will be some imperfections in the stones. Lesser the imperfections, greater the clarity and greater the brilliance. The scale used to grade diamonds goes from F1 (flawless) to VVS1/VVS2 (very very small inclusions) to VS1/VS2 (very small inclusions),S1/S2(small imperfections) to I1/I2/I3(imperfect diamonds).

4. Cut : there are different ways to cut a diamond and the type of cut directly impacts the diamond’s sparkle. The cut that produces the most sparkle is the round (brilliant) cut while radiant and princess cut are good at hiding flaws. Other cuts include square, cushion , emerald ,pear, heart-shaped etc. A high quality cut is more important than the weight or high quality color grade because just like a road reflector, light shines back out of the diamond from the direction it entered and breaks it up a bit in the process.

Shape : Shape of the stone is very crucial for the type of your engagement ring. You must be exactly sure about the shape of the stone which your fiancé loves if you are buying it for him/her.

Here are some of shapes of the stones
Settings : Quality setting is very important for the entire look of your engagement ring. There are many types of settings you can select from.  

Types of rings settings 
Choose your metal : Platinum is one of the most popular metal choices though you can choose gold in different colors such as white, rose gold or even green! The recent trend is a use of both platinum and gold.

Mind your budget : The ‘2 months’ age old rule is certainly not valid anymore. You have to buy the ring which will best suit you and your loved one. You can always try saving in ways like buying a 1.8 carat instead of 2 carat or getting a VS1 or S1 instead of VVS1 because some impurities are not even visible to the naked eye.

Choose the best jeweler : Find the jeweler who specializes in engagement rings, understands your needs, budget and still doesn’t compromise on quality.

Get it in writing! : Buying an engagement ring is a lifetime deal so make sure you have a written acknowledgement about the warranty, description, return policy and most importantly the diamond grade certificate from a renowned international lab like the GIA.

Now that you know all about the things you should know before going out and purchasing your ring, here’s a look at the most popular Engagement Ring Styles :

1. Solitaire

Diamonds Solitaire
This ring consists of a single big sized diamond which is the showstopper of the ring and possibly the most popular among all of the engagement rings.

2. Solitaire with Side Accents :
Diamond solitaire with side accents 
This type of a ring has a larger center stone with smaller accent diamonds in the setting or shank to create a bigger look.

3. Bridal sets

Bridal set with diamonds 
In these rings both the engagement and the wedding rings are perfectly paired and can be worn separately or even together for a fantastic look.

4. Trios :

Trios diamond ring
Trios include both engagement and wedding rings for the bride and a matching wedding band for the groom.

5. Three stone ring :

Three stone diamond ring
It is also known as a Promise ring and it is very popular in the west. The three stone ring symbolizes the past, present and future with your partner.

6. Create your own ring :
Diamonds Ring
Wouldn’t it be special to add your very own special touch to your engagement ring and design a unique look for it? You can order a custom made ring or get it designed by a jewelry designer to own a unique engagement ring!

So, having said everything about what you need to know about the basics of the ring and the styling of it, keeping in mind that the engagement ring is the pride of every bride (and groom), always remember to choose a ring which best suits you or your partner’s style , lifestyle and also best represents you and your relationship.

Also, here are a few video clips that I found which will really help you get that perfect ring:

I hope this blog really helps to get you on the right track to get that PERFECT ENGAGEMENT RING which you have always desired.

Happy Shopping!! J