Why is Sleeping beauty turquoise strands the perfect investment in gemstone beads?

The Turquoise is recognized at the most ancient gemstone in world’s history. It is one of the most opaque gemstone and stands on the top among the popular gemstones available today. It is highly demanded due to its exclusive shining greenish sky blue color and demand in jewelry market as per the recent trends and that’s the only reason this gemstone is named as “Gemstone of People”. Historically, Turquoise is known as “Turkish Stone” as it came to Europe from Turkey.

Turquoise is a semi precious stone aggregate of copper Aluminium phosphate and its hardness is approximately 6mm which make it softer than Quartz. Reason because it is mined under lot of heat and pressure. It appears in softer green shaded due to Iron or tint of Chrome while the vivid bluish color of it comes from Copper. In Nature, the stone is available in various hues from sky blue to grey-green, and it is found mostly on the places where the soil is highly concentrated with copper.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is not the type of the Turquoise but it’s named after the place from where the Turquoise is mined. Yes, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mines in Arizona, is the highly demanded in Persia, North America and it is most natural stone around the world among the following types of Turquoise:

  • Stabilized Turquoise  
    Stabilized Turquoise 
  • Chalk Turquoise    
Chalk Turquoise 

  • African Turquoise   

African Turquoise 

  • Yellow Turquoise 

Yellow Turquoise 

  • White Turquoise 

White Turquoise 

  • Kingman Turquoise 

Kingman Turquoise 

  • Blue Gem 

Blue Gem 
Why One Should Invest in Sleeping Beauty Turquoise?

Being the most ancient semi precious gemstone beads with variety of greenish to blue tints of colors, sleeping beauty turquoise is not only best for gemstone jewelry but also buying the sleeping beauty turquoise is much more beneficial for investment purposes because it is among one of the rarely found gemstones these days.

Apart from the jewelry uses, Turquoise is known as the symbol of wealth. It is observed that it observe the properties of the wearer and protect them from negative energy and bring good fortune for them. So investing in Turquoise for keeping yourself filled with positive energy all the time and for an excellent fortune of yours and family is not an awful deal.

Here are some other healing properties of Turquoise that allure you for its investment:
  • Counterbalance over acidity problems
  • Lessen rheumatism, stomach problems and viral infections
  • Increases muscular strength and growth
  • Alleviates pain, relaxes cramps
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects
Make it a Smart Investment with Navneet Gems & Minerals

When shopping for turquoise trough us, be assured for the color of stone’s vividness and uniformity. After procuring turquoise, we treat the gem to enhance some to its attributes. But, in the process our stones do not become dryer and the color of this semi precious gemstone remains same. We deliver top quality affordable semi precious stones to our customers.  We are the seller of Wholesale Turquoise strands and believe in delivering the best product to our customers. Therefore, purchasing a piece of jewelry with Navneet Gems & Minerals may be a smart financial investment.

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