Heated Natural Ceylon blue sapphire from Sri Lanka

To be very honest, we are not big manufacturer of Ceylon sapphire but we have a good network in Sri Lanka and we do our buying straight from big manufacturers and it keeps our buying prices low. Recently I personally saw the mining for sapphires; labors use hand-made scrapers, shovel, basket, hammer, chisel and other instruments while digging out the raw material. Look at the picture of entrance of sapphire mine.
Mining of Blue Sapphire in Sri Lanka
We sell both heated and unheated blue sapphire gems but we disclose everything to our buyer before buying and show him certificate, issued from reputed gemstone laboratory. Earlier we were manufacturing only blue topaz but ten years before we also started blue sapphire as per seeing the increasing demand of blue color and sapphires. As per customers range, we have different pieces available in all threes – Royal blue, Ceylon blue and Cornflower blue. 


We are showing pieces from our stock that is available for selling and it will help you to understand different colors and clarity level of blue sapphire gems as well.  Picture SAPP #008 is for nice corn flower blue sapphire color (Perfect hue, saturation and color) – you can click here for expanded details.

This cushion shape piece weighs around 2.14 carats (2 carats up) with VS quality and Ceylon origin. We bought this elegant piece from Sri Lanka and now offering to all sapphire buyers at reasonable prices.

This blue sapphire piece as an investment
– If you are a gemstone collector or investor then it is a lucrative deal for you. We guarantee that you can double your money within 2 years and sometimes even in months because of shortage of good quality blue sapphire pieces. We offer low prices because we have a buying-selling cycle and offer every piece at very minimum margin and better believe in business flow rather than making money one time. It is very important to know how this stone stands out from other blue sapphire gems. This stone is cut with good height in order to get good color and no window when you see the stone from crown part. If we talk about other available stones then some are good in color but do not have desired height, some are good in height but color comes poor so this cushion shape blue sapphire blue 2.14 carats is worth buying.

This blue sapphire piece as an engagement ring
– Are you in those lovers who want to gift something which nobody else have, then it is perfect piece for you. Color of this piece comes between royal and Ceylon blue, as royal blue is slightly inclined towards darker tone and Ceylon blue is lighter tone, you can read more on above link. When it comes to pricing then it fits in your budget easily.
Everyone says corn flower sapphire, let's compare corn and sapphire in this post, check below mentioned picture of this cushion piece and it resembles exactly to corn flower. When you buy precious stones from gemstone supplier then every you think about getting the right stone so we have fair return policies for it, in case if you not get the stone which is shown to you. Our return policies are fair because we are confident enough on stones we are selling.