Blue Sapphire single pieces from Ceylon, Madagascar and Africa

Every penny we earn should be spend wisely because it takes hard work, dedication and time to make money. This blog will follow following topics - 

1. Why you should invest in blue sapphire with strong reasons, statistics and history.

2. Things to keep in mind when you are buying sapphire single pieces?
It is very necessary to know all past statistics, price graph and buyers’ interest before you invest your money and after consolidate all these things you can easily forecast the real worth of your investment. 

  1. Why you should invest in blue sapphire- Check the below shown picture, it clearly shows how precious stones prices are going high every year and there is simple economics of supply and demand behind it. Commercial and medium grade quality Sapphire gems are easily available and lots of mines are there to source out the raw material of such qualities but when it comes to high end blue sapphire single pieces then it becomes very difficult to find. Only few companies like us who has good network to source top quality material are able to supply. We have been in this business with two running factories in Thailand and India since last 20 years and specialize in blue colored gemstones (Blue Sapphire and Blue Topaz). Our company roots are strong because of some strict rules, we believe in consistent & flowing business and low margin supply. Every businessman has limited capital to stock the goods so we are and we move this capital by keeping our margin low and maintaining our customers. When we see supply of other semi precious stones like Tourmaline, Tanzanite then it has always been sporadic and in results of it, price graph also has been inconsistent so an investor can never rely on these stones, on other hand supply of high end sapphire, ruby and emerald is diminishing day by day so it keeps the prices up.  
2. Things to keep in mind when you are buying sapphire single pieces – When you are going to buy good quality sapphire stones 1 carat, 2 carats then you always then you always think many times about finding a right supplier because you are going to invest a good amount. Well, here are simple things to know about supplier that will satisfy your search -

A. Fair Return policy – It is essential to ensure that you are buying from a company who has been shipping you exactly the same stone you selected and if not then you can return stone after receiving it. We believe in products we are supplying that’s why we have 3 days return policies after receiving goods (In case stone is not same that you paid for).

B. Read blog, news of company and check social media networks as well, it will help you to know background of the company.

C. Compare prices – It is very important to compare prices with other suppliers, we don’t hide anything from our customers and we disclose everything including weight, shape, size, origin, quality, color, and treatment to make it easy for buyers.

Here are some pieces from our stock, you can click on pictures to go to our website to get detailed information, video and pictures from different angels -

Blue sapphire marquise unheated