Where should I safely store my loose gemstones?

Gemstone Jewelry is worn by millions of people everyday but only few people know how to preserve these valuables. In fact, Loose Gemstones also require similar level of care as any fine jewelry item. Colored Gemstones are more delicate than Diamonds and need special care and precautions while cleaning and storing.

There are several gemstones which are softer in nature and that's why they are more prone to scratches while hard gemstones are not. Some gemstones are by nature more fragile than others. They may be adversely affected by sunlight, extreme heat, vibrations, chemicals, sharp materials or even by other gemstones It is important to note here, whether your gemstones are softer, harder, less brittle or more brittle they should be store in such a way that prevents tarnishing and scratching. The beauty and integrity of you gemstones should be maintained irrespective of the reasons of purchasing them. Proper storage is an important aspect in caring of your Loose Gemstones.

Here is a list of some things which can be used to store gemstones:
  • Some pieces of cloth made up by 100% cotton.
  • Flat and long boxes with compartments or sections.
  • Some pieces of neat and clean velvet cloth.
  • Butter paper wrapped outside by white paper.
  • Or, a soft towel.

    Suggestions by Navneet Gems and Minerals on how to store your Loose Gemstones

    1. Cleaning of gemstones should be done before storage. We advise you to clean your gemstones safely by the use of plain water and soft cloth. Use of any brush or other rough item to clean is not advisable at all. Unless, hard gemstones like Diamonds, Sapphires are being cleaned.

    2. Store each gemstone in a separate compartment of a soft-lined box. If there are no compartments, store each piece of gemstone in a separate soft jewelry storage pouches. If it is not done, than harder gemstones such as Diamonds and Sapphires will scratch softer gemstones such as Emerald, Lapis etc.

    3. Box lid should be closed after the storage. As some gemstones are receptive to extreme heat or cold and sudden fluctuations in temperature, room temperature is best adequate to store most of the gemstones.

    4. We advise your readers to make sure that they do not store their loose gemstones in plastic bags because these bags tend to trap the moisture for an indefinite period. Make sure that you clean all the moisture from bags before storing loose gemstones.

    Loose Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry Tips-Do’s and Don’ts -
    1. Gemstones which has been rated less than 8 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness are highly subjected to scratching. Harder Gemstones (rated above 8 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness) are comparatively less subjected to get scratched but they sometimes got chipped and fractured.

    2. Avoid wearing gemstones rings or bracelets while planning to do any heavy and dirty manual works. Jewelry should be taken off before strenuous activity as it is subjected to blows and excessive friction. Relatively, high brittle Diamonds can also be chipped by hard blow.

    3. While washing dishes, do not wear rings containing Coral, Pearls, Opal, Turquoise or Malachite as dirty water and oil causes discoloration of these gemstones.

    4. Always store your gemstones in an area where they are not exposed to moisture and heat. If possible, try to keep them in air tight pouches.

    5. Take a regular inventory of your loose gemstones. Regular inventory can be kept by taking the photographs of the gemstones. It is very important while making an insurance claim or filling a report with the police in case of theft.

    6. The use of ultrasonic cleaners should be done with great care and precautions. The heavy agitation of the machine causes internal stress in heavily included gemstones like Tanzanite, Opal, Emerald, Turquoise, Lapis, Malachite, Pearl, Coral and Amber which can sometimes resulted into cracks. Ultra sound can remove (fracture filled work either done by oil or resin impregnated) and may remove the treatment or expand existing fractures.

    7. Try to put on jewelry after you have applied make-up, perfumes, sun-tan lotions etc. as they consists some sort of chemicals which might seem harmless but they damage your gemstones actually more than you think.

    Buying gemstones from Navneet Gems and Minerals will surely be a unique experience for you. We ensures that every purchase of yours is accompanied by storage and cleaning guidelines as we believed that any gemstone will retain its beauty and long life if properly cared of.


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