Emerald quality chart - World's first of a kind

Being a Graduate Gemologist (GG), our Marketing Manager, Navneet Agarwal, put's all his experience together with the 6 month course in Carlsbad, California he gained, into the world's first Emerald quality color chart. "Grading coloured gemstones with standards is a big problem in this industry and the industry needs standards" says Navneet during his conversation with one of the writers.

For this reason he has created this very important stone's color chart. Hope you like it! We wanted to share it with the world, so when you ask your customer for "quality" you have some type of standards to look at instead of using un-educated terms like "included quality" because Emeralds are always included (99% of them).

A "GG" from the 2014 batch, he graduated from the Carlsbad Campus in California, USA.

The certificate which took him 6 months of hard training conditions


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  1. This is a wonderful resource, thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Divya. Our expert team spent many hours to make such helping charts of gemstones and you can see those at our website navneetgems(dot)com pages.

  2. Great post. Emerald is one gem I have yet to get into my collection! Your blog is really interesting and I am signed up to follow by email. All the best.

    1. Oh emerald is a must on your collection! I am a Graduate Gemologist and thus putting in this effort to make some informative things are my duties in order to educate the people and public about gem education. Our blog is a "gemstone blog", Shall check out your stuffs too!


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