What to expect next on our blog - By Sulagna

Hello there!

The one thing that is definitely brighter than this bright sunshiny day is our mutual love for precious stones and gems. However this world of glitter can be quite confounding to the novice and that’s where I come in. From the latest trends to adorn international ramps to what’s currently caught our favorite celebrities’ fancies, from picking the right stone for your big day to ensuring that what you buy has been ethically sourced, the blog posts by me are meant to clear the dust around all these questions and more. 

Every precious stone comes with its own history and as it passes hands it continues to build its own story, legacy or some might even say legend. Therefore it all begins with the selection of the right gem. Call me an idealist, but I firmly believe that there is a stone out there for everyone! :P

So let’s begin this wonderful journey where we delve into the depths of this wonderful world and begin to know more about these mystical objects which add that extra bit of zest to our everyday. We would love to hear from you about your doubts, apprehensions and trysts with precious and semi-precious stones and guide you to the best possible source for your purchase.

Happy reading and remember,

All that glitters, definitely doesn’t have to be gold!

(I provide fun information about gemstones for readers that are new to gemstones)